Why I Thrift!

Thank you to Fox Taylor for this blog. I love how she uses creativity to satisfy her wants by visiting thrift stores to find gently used items at a fraction of the cost.

Fox on an Island


I have been big into thrifting for clothes and household goods since I was about 15 (17 years ago! Ah!) and have no problem telling everyone about it. A lot of the time people are surprised; a former boss once asked me how I had so many clothes because I basically never wore the same thing twice, and when I said I buy everything for super cheap second hand she was shocked. The next person to walk into the office heard her blurting out Did you know she’s never bought anything new?? That’s not true, I do buy new clothes from time to time, but I’m going to show you in this post why I don’t do it very often.

I bought a beautiful Matt & Nat wallet a few months ago and have wanted to get another one of their products. I am currently borrowing J’s black backpack to…

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What do you do when your Unemployment Insurance runs out

Dimes make Dollars How to create an extra month of living expense money on an already severely limited income As an Alberta resident and a veteran survivor  of several economic “recessions&#8…

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Are your grocery store loyalty cards working for you?

I paid $4.90 for this



groc receipt 1

Thank you PC Plus.  https://www.pcplus.ca/

We don’t do super couponing on any level in Canada, but we do have other ways to get nearly free groceries.  This is $60.00 worth of groceries.  I only ended up paying the deposit for the recyclables.

There are lots of other things that I can do with the $60.00 that I saved.